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It’s no secret that our nation’s infrastructure is in a state of alarming disrepair, with energy and transportation equipment being some of the worst offenders. And as these assets continue to age, we see an ever-widening gap of investment needed for the revitalization of our networks across the board. At Exo, we envision a world where infrastructure is safe again, and understanding the seen and unseen of our critical structures, one asset at a time, is how we get there.

When it comes to vertical infrastructure, our experience runs deeper than most. The cornerstone of Exo’s foundation is the extensive engineering design and fabrication knowledge we have cultivated over many years of supplying premier pole and tower infrastructure to the utility, telecom, transportation and retail markets. Upon that foundation, we have built a market leading inspection and asset management solution that focuses on not only new structures entering service, but the many millions of aging poles and towers currently in place that are in desperate need of attention.

Replacing structures as they fail is not an option. The unacceptable risk to public safety combined with the limited financial and operational resources needed to replace all compromised assets means another solution must be considered. Our Ex-Tend™ approach to solving the nation’s infrastructure problem is comprehensive, client customized, and targets every distinct stage of a structural asset’s life cycle. It begins with robust quality assurance to make sure new equipment entering the fray is defect free and built to the appropriate codes and standards necessary to meet our industries’ rigorous performance requirements. It ends with detailed inspection and repair of assets in the field that optimize the repair vs. replace strategies paramount to successfully strengthening and revitalizing structures through life extension. And its all brought together by a data driven methodology proven to accurately track and predict asset health, delivering the actionable insight our clients need to make winning decisions.

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